The Buzz Cut

Stylish and low-maintenance, this style is something you can achieve easily at home yourself with a clippers. It's simple, versatile and timeless too. The buzz cut can be bold and edgy, conveying a strong sense of confidence.

Suitability of the buzz cut

Being so simple and easy to manage, the buzz haircut suits a wide range of personalities. It's particularly suitable for people with a well-defined head shape, as the short length accentuates facial features

Celebrities rocking the buzz cut

Notable figures like David Beckham, Chris Evans, and not to be outdone by the males, even Natalie Portman has confidently rocked the Buzz haircut on red carpets in their everyday lives.

What to ask a barber

You might think this is an obvious one, but be careful. Depending on your head shape, you might want some more length on some areas of your head than others, so make sure your barber hears your thoughts and gives their advice.

How to do a buzz cut at home

If you prefer the DIY approach, it's mostly straightforward. Start by selecting the desired clipper guard length. Then begin by cutting from the sides, moving upward. ensuring an even cut. You'll need to pay particular attention to the crown area and the back of the head, so a friend or a mirror or two can come in handy!