The French Bob

A throwback to the roaring 20's, the french bob is a classic among classics, and is definitely making a comeback in recent years.

Face shapes and the french bob

The French Bob hairstyle is universally flattering but truly shines on oval and heart-shaped faces, highlighting their natural symmetry and delicate features. Its sharp, chic lines can also beautifully frame square faces, softening strong jawlines. However, for those with longer face shapes, a French Bob might emphasize the face's length rather than balance it out. Similarly, very round faces may find that this cut doesn't provide the desired elongation effect, potentially making the face appear wider. In essence, while the French Bob is adaptable, its optimal impact is seen on oval, heart, and square face shapes.

What to ask for

Here's how to ensure you and your stylist are on the same wavelength:

  • Length is Key: Aim for that chin to neck-length, the sweet spot where the French Bob shines.
  • To Texturize or Not: Want a softer edge? Opt for a slight texture. Craving drama? Go blunt.
  • Bangs, the Icing on the Cake: Straight-across for the bold, curtain for the mystique, or side-swept for the playful. Bangs can make or break your French Bob.
  • Styling Tips: Don't leave your stylist's chair without the secret sauce to maintaining that 'I woke up like this' vibe.