The mullet! What an iconic style. A throwback to the pomp and excess of the 1980's! As with all things though, fashion and style are cyclical, and the mullet is making a comeback in recent years.

Types of person the mullet suits

Let's face it, you have to be oozing confidence if you're to rock this hairstyle. If you're in any way sheepish this will likely not work. You're gonna turn heads with a do like this. Unlike some styles, the mullet is ambisexual, and can be rocked by any gender.

Celebrities with the mullet hairstyle

You may be (un)surprised to find that there's a good chance your favourite celebrity once rocked a mullet. In their defence, a lot of those are from their early days (ie 80's), but still, there's some recent examples too like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Billie Eilish.

What to ask a barber/stylist to get the mullet

Well first off you're gonna need to grow out your hair. Don't rock up and expect miracles if your last cut was a crew cut. Consider if you'd like a fade on the sides, and if you'd like it low, mid or high. Beyond that, your haircare professional should know exactly what a mullet is and how to achieve it for you. If they don't, find a new one!