The Shaved style

A bold and daring choice, it can give you a sleek and edgy look. It's a statement-making style that really exudes confidence and individuality. It can often be a go-to if you want a dramatic change to your look.

## Who this style suits The shaved hairstyle is so versatile that it can suit many different lifestyles and personalities. If you're not looking to stand out from the crowd, however, maybe this one should be avoided, as people will definitely take notice! This style can complement different face shapes such as oval, heart or square, as it accentuates facial features and creates a bold contrast. Often embraced by trendsetters, artists and individuals who want to make a fearless fashion statement.

Famous people with this style

Tons of celebrities and musicians have embraced the shaved look. Figures like Ruby Rose, Zayn Malik and Cara Delevingne have all sported the shaved hairstyle over the years.

What to ask a barber

Make sure you talk to your barber about what level of shaved you're looking for, and where on your head you'd like it! Sometimes a little more length on top is the way to go so you don't look like a scalped monkey! Ask about a full head shave, an undercut or side-shaving. Given that this style brings the clippers super close to the scalp, it can also be useful to discuss aftercare in order to maintain a healthy scalp.

How to shave your head at home

If you're going for one length all over, this is easy peasy. Start with the clippers at the desired length, and have at it. Shave against the direction of your hair for a close and even cut. Take your time and mind the contours of your head as you go.

## Products you might need As mentioned above, a closely shaved hair style may benefit from some scalp aftercare, so consider picking up a gentle cleanser formulated for the scalp. Apply a moisturiser or scalp oil to keep the skin hydrated and prevent dryness. Also - don't forget about sunscreen! Without hair to protect your scalp you can easily get burned, and that's no fun.