The Undercut Style

Trendy and versatile, the undercut features a short or shaved sides, and a longer top. This contrast between the two sections allows for various styling options and a modern aesthetic. This style can be sleek and polished or more textured and edgy, whatever you fancy.

Type of person this suits

This style suits a wide range, making it a popular choice for both men and women. It also works well with different hair types and textures, letting you customise your style to your liking. Suitable for various face shapes such as oval, square and heart-shaped.

Celebrities with undercut hair style

Celebs like Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, and Ruby Rose have all confidently rocked the undercut.

What to ask a barber or stylist

Because of the two lengths involved, discussing where you'd like this transition to start and end can be key. The biggest consideration is your head shape, primarily when viewed from the front. A bad choice for transition point can give a very triangular shape to your head. Don't forget that this can be combined with a fade too for added style.

## How to get an undercut at home Undercuts can be challenging to do at home, especially for the inexperienced. We'd really recommend going to a pro for this style, as it's very easy to get wrong and mess it up. That transition point we mentioned above is difficult to judge for yourself, let alone cut while awkwardly contorting your arms.

## Products you might need For styling and maintaining and undercut, high-quality pomade, wax or styling gel are great to add texture and hold to the longer top section. A lightweight hairspray can also help set the style in place. A quality comb or brush can also be great for creating volume and achieving specific looks.