AI hairstyles for men and women

Try different hairstyles and colours in seconds!

Sequence of images showing a user's selfie and the resulting AI generated images with varying hairstyles, for both male and female styles. Styles shown are crew cut, mullet, bald, french crop, long wavy, pixie cut

How It Works

  • Upload a selfie (or up to 4)
  • Choose your styles and colours
  • We'll generate your realistic previews



Man hair input selfie


White male bald hair style preview
Brown Crew Cut
White male buzz cut style by AI hairstyles
Black Buzz Cut
Short blonde curly hair for men by AI hairstyles
Blonde Curly

Why AIhairstyles?

Works with just one selfie

No need for multiple photos in different poses and lighting

We've invested heavily in our proprietary AI and custom-trained models to make sure that you get great results with just one selfie, unlike other apps that require you to take lots of different photos in different poses and lighting. Honestly, who has time for that?

Privacy-first (we're based in the EU)

We delete your images after 30 days of inactivity automatically

And, you can delete them instantly from your profile page at any time. We don't use your images for anything other than showing you what you'd look like with different hairstyles. We don't sell your data or images to anyone.

It's quick

Usually seconds to generate!

Often, previews take seconds to generate. But sometimes, it can take a little longer if the site has a lot of visitors. We'll always email you when your previews are ready.



Every style, one colour

Over 100 images


You'll see yourself in 25 styles, in one colour of your choice

Every style, all colours

Over 500 images


You'll see yourself in 25 styles, in every colour we currently have available (Blonde, Brown, Black, Red, White/Grey)

Or, you can pick-and-mix with the credit system

Each style costs just 1 credit. You'll receive 4 images per style

1-50 credits for 69c each

50-150 credits for 49c each

150+ credits for 39c each

Minimum purchase is 10 credits. Credits don't expire, you don't have to use them all at once and you can re-generate styles using different images of yourself or friends/family if you like.

PS: You can earn credits by referring friends too!


Why do I have to log in?
You'll need to upload images. In order to ensure data privacy, we need to connect these to an account. This also means that at any time, you can delete ALL of your data from the /profile page. This deletes everything, including your entire account, so use with caution.

How long does it take?
This can depend on the load, but typically it takes a max of about ~20 minutes. If you're seeing it take longer than an hour, please get in touch and we'll check what's happening

Does it work with female styles, or for different ethnicities and races?
Usually yes, but sometimes it can need a little tweaking. If you're in any way unhappy with the results, just get in touch and we'll either re-run them with tweaks or issue a refund.

What if I don't like the results? Can I get a refund?
If you're in any way unsatisfied with your results, just get in touch. We'll look into what might have gone wrong and either re-run them with tweaks or issue a refund.

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